LAWEN is a booster organization supporting the Louisiana water economy

The Louisiana Water Economy Network is a nonpartisan, multidisciplinary social innovation network operated by the nonprofit Adaptation Institute. We network to discover, share, and nurture best practices that support integrated watershed management and build the water economy. We strive to be transparent, collaborative, and celebratory. 

LAWEN is rooted in an effort that began in New Orleans in 2008 when the Horizon Initiative Water Committee, inspired by the leadership of architect David Waggonner and the Dutch Dialogues, formed to support and promote a more holistic, integrated approach to working and living with water.

The meetings became a forum and think tank, leading to collaborations of government, business, academia, and non-governmental organizations that continue to expand and influence. Thanks to an “all hands on deck” approach that recognizes water as an asset, the committee contributed to a growing movement to seed innovation, champion research and projects, frame policy, and build a more resilient Greater New Orleans region and state.

That committee is now the Louisiana Water Economy Network and taking these principles statewide. We invite you to help build the network.

A healthy economy requires healthy people living on a healthy planet. LAWEN is defining and building a healthy Louisiana water economy by connecting people and resources for a better future for all.

Get involved: info (at) louisianawater.net